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Why is a great domain name important?

It’s worth investing in a premium domain name. A great domain name signals strength. A short and catchy domain name will maximize user attraction.

If you cannot afford to buy your ideal domain name, consider leasing instead—as suggested by the venture capitalist Fred Wilson.

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Advice from the experts

Finding and Buying a Great Domain Name

--Fred Wilson

Change Your Name

--Paul Graham

Build Your Startup on a Vacant Domain Name

--David Teten

We provide a convenient, low-cost solution for buying, selling and leasing of domain names.

36names is free and easy to list and browse.

We allow buyers and sellers to contact each other directly and negotiate terms.

We provide the legal documents and automate contract editing with e-signatures.

Signed contracts are preserved digitally. No need to fax clunky forms.

Once both sides agree on terms, we take care of all backend logistics.

Our simple and efficient platform allows us to charge the lowest commissions.

We allow for transactions on dozens of registrars, including:

You can also register new domain names on 36names. Our backend registrar services provider is Gandi.

Platform and people you can trust.

We are a California-registered company. Our core team is based in San Francisco and New York City. We use PayPal as our payment processor and our funds are held at Silicon Valley Bank.


Yishi is an entrepreneur from the San Francisco Bay Area. He received an undergraduate business degree from UC Berkeley Haas and is currently pursuing an MBA at MIT Sloan. He worked for 2 years at Goldman Sachs and 3 years at the hedge fund Solstein Capital prior to launching 36names.

Lauren is a New York City-based entrepreneur. She previously was the first employee hire at Domino Media Group (domino.com), where she managed the company’s e-commerce operation. Lauren received undergraduate business and liberal arts degrees from the Wharton School and the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania.

Randolph founded Dynasty Capital in 1988 to provide advisory services to global companies operating in the wireless communications sector. During the course of his career, Randy has been intimately involved in raising capital and advising on the development of the some of the world’s ground-breaking technologies.

His clients have included senior-level executives at companies involved in the development of the first wireless communications system utilizing a wristwatch receiver, the first game console system that used both cartridges and CD based games and the first satellite based communications system for both global voice and internet communications. He has been engaged for more than 100 transactions valued well over $5 billion from IPOs, secondary offerings, mergers and acquisitions and PIPE transactions.

Jyotirmay has 15 years of experience working at companies including Google, Amazon, and Salesforce in different technical leadership roles in the field of Cloud Network Infrastructure. He is currently the CEO of BinaryFolks, a software development company. Jyotirmay's expertise lies in end-to-end conceptualization and execution of web and mobile applications.

Danielle is a 4th year student at UC Berkeley with nearly 10 years of web design experience. She is majoring in Cognitive Science and Computer Science. Her passion is exploring solutions and solving meaningful problems in UI/UX design and web development. Portfolio


Stevan is a Washington DC-based intellectual property lawyer specializing in domain name / Internet law and Internet technologies. As partner of the law firm Greenberg & Lieberman, which he formed with Michael Greenberg in 1996, Stevan is recognized to be on the forefront of litigation relating to reverse domain hijacking as well as domain names and trademarks in dispute. He has represented numerous large corporations in trademark law disputes, including Nike, Air China, and LG Electronics. He has also represented countless domainers and organizations in procuring and selling domains.

Paul was the CEO and President of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) from March 2003 to June 2009. ICANN is the chief rule-making body for worldwide Internet policy.

Before joining ICANN, he was the founder of Argo P@cific, a high-level international advisory and investment firm that assists both Fortune 500 companies and start-up companies to build global Internet and technology businesses and strategic alliances. He is also a founder of Leagle Inc., an online legal content and community aggregation business

Prior to that, Dr. Twomey was founding CEO of the National Office for the Information Economy (NOIE) and the Australian federal government's Special Adviser for the Information Economy and Technology. Dr. Twomey also served as Executive General Manager, Europe, of Austrade – the Australian Trade Commission, where he assisted Australia's IT&T firms to market their products and services to key European, American and Asian markets.

Dr. Twomey is a Board member of the Atlantic Council of the United States; the founding Chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on the Future of the Internet; and a member of the Advisory Board of the United Nations’ Digital He@lth Initiative.

Jothan is a domain industry thought leader, and he has helped launch numerous registries, registrars, TLD consultancies, and domain conferences--including Namescon and DomainFest. Jothan also serves as a Mozilla volunteer. He has provided leadership in several senior-level management and operational oversight roles with teams of developers, salespeople, project managers, and UX/UI designers for registry, registrar, and DNS-related projects.

Brandon was the President of Escrow.com from 2004 to 2015 and left Escrow subsequent to its acquisition by Freelancer.com. Escrow.com facilitated domain transactions as a neutral third party, and Mr. Abbey built the site into a business that processed over $300 million in transactions per year. His background includes senior management positions with Burroughs/Unisys and Digital Equipment Corporation. He actively directed the strategy of Escrow and is passionate about providing a safe and secure environment for all Internet users to transact business. Mr. Abbey successfully negotiated many multi-million dollar transactions for hardware, software and services with companies that include Microsoft, Bank of America, EDS and Deloitte. Mr. Abbey is a graduate of Stanford University.

Thomas is currently the director of System Engineering at Groundwork, Inc. a company helped found in 2004. He recently completed a 4-year stint as COO for the US arm of Gandi.net, a major International domain name registrar and cloud hosting provider. Thomas has over 20 years experience in service delivery, engineering, and technical marketing. As an entrepreneur, startup co-founder, and Open Source Software evangelist, he brings a unique perspective to the fields of IT, software development, and data center operations.

Bill is a website marketing and search engine optimization expert, who has practiced organic SEO since 1996. He founded the Dallas/Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association in 2004, and has been active in the domain name industry for many years. A part-time domainer himself, he’s been buying and selling domain names since 1998. Bill combines his SEO, website marketing, and domain name experience to provide background checks and due diligence services for domain names.

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